Essentia Plunge Bra Kit
Essentia Plunge Bra Kit
Essentia Plunge Bra Kit
Essentia Plunge Bra Kit
Essentia Plunge Bra Kit

Essentia Plunge Bra Kit

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After recent virality on TikTok & Instagram, the Essentia Plunge Bra Kit lives up to its reputation as the #1 frontless bra of 2021!

Stop letting your bra ruin your style! Get the support and look you want using the Essential Plunge Bra Kit!

Our frontless, backless and strapless bra, stays completely hidden under your clothes so you can perfectly pull off fashionable outfits with the sexiest push-up effect.

The Goddess of Bras

Yes! this is the goddess of all brassieres and this is why you need it:

  • Our Deep Plunge Bra features pusher paddles and volumizing pads to round out your bust and push it together, creating a deeper and perkier cleavage.
  • Don't worry it won't fall! The anti-slip silicone stickers are designed to comfortably support your boobs no matter what you do. Stand, sit, jump, anything you want, it will stay there!
  • Designed to be reused multiple times.
  • One size fits all-from B to double D.

How to put it on?

Easy! Simply place each side of the bra in the angle of your desire to create the cleavage you want, always making sure your nipples are completely covered. 

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